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Why Are Recommendations Better Than Reviews?

In Utah, social media outlets provide new and innovative ways to advertise businesses. The opportunities include a new feature which allows users to recommend businesses to their friends. Comparing recommendations and reviews shows businesses why social media recommendations are the better choice.

Immediate Exposure for the Company

Recommendations provide immediate exposure to the company. Social media followers create direct links from the company to their friends. When friends ask for recommendations, the feature allows the user to type in the name of the business into the comments section. After the individual hits enter, a link to the business page appears for their friend and everyone who comments.


Creating a Larger Following

Receiving recommendations gives the business a chance to generate a larger following. Any time a user recommends the company, the owner is notified. The company owner has an immediate chance to interact with the user and their friends. The first response should be to encourage the viewers to like their business page.

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Sharing Experiences More Directly

Social media users share their experiences more directly and with people they actually know. The recommendations feature makes the marketing strategy more personalized. Instead of posting reviews, users can discuss their experiences with friends who ask for the information. The technique is more beneficial for companies, and the viewers are more likely to trust the recommendation.


Increasing the Popularity of the Business on Social Media

As the company is recommended more often, it becomes more popular on the social media outlet. Engaging their followers is a proven method of getting more recommendations. The company owner must continue to interact with customers each day. The interactions also increase their popularity, especially if the company provides superior customer service in the posts.


Creating More Direct Links to the Business

The recommendations features are beneficial because they are a direct link to the business. Instead of just asking friends to like the pages, the consumers are suggesting that their friends use the company’s products or hire them for services. Direct links are a more immediate and proactive solution for businesses.


In Utah, social media outlets are switching to a new option for sharing experiences with companies. Instead of posting reviews, the users can recommend the company directly to others. The feature links the business page to the comment directly. It helps users learn more about the services and products available to them. Businesses that want to learn more about the strategies read more about Facebook recommendations for business now.

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